2011 NOV 04 Linux in a Mac World: Accessing AFP Shares

Unfortunately, I went to access the share, and it said it wasn’t valid. Long story short, the out-of-the-box 0.8.1 version does not correctly handle shared directories with apostrophes in them (like [User]’s Public Folder… standard on any Mac from the past 5 years… sheesh). It was a simple fix, but maintenance on 0.8.1 has essentially ceased.

Cue Github

Boxee happens to maintain a fork of the project with their own maintenance fixes, and I contributed this fix to their repo. The repo is at https://github.com/Boxee/afpfs-ng, buildable through the usual ./configure; make; make install dance.

Hope this helps at least one other person who tries stock afpfs-ng and wonders: “Why the hell won’t it access this user’s public share?” :-/

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